Teen Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I see a therapist?

  • To talk about things (friends, relationships, parents, school, etc.)  that are bothering you.
  • To get a (non-related) adult’s perspective on your situation.
  • To work through a problem that you don’t want to talk with parents or friends about.
  • To work through a problem that seems to never go away.
  • To better understand yourself.

What will happen when I go in to meet with the therapist for the first time?

  • Your therapist will answer questions you might have about the therapist’s background, education, views as a therapist, etc.
  • Your therapist will ask you a few questions about what brings you to therapy.
  • Your therapist will give you feedback about the few things you shared.
  • You will go home.

What will happen during my intake session (usually the 2nd session) with a therapist?

  • You (and your parents) will complete the intake paperwork before the session. You will bring this to your intake session.
  • Your therapist will read through what you wrote and will ask a few more questions. The questions will be about your history, your reason for coming to therapy, your development as a child (maybe) and your goals for therapy.
  • After the intake session, you will begin meeting with your therapist for individual sessions.

What kinds of things can I talk about with my therapist?

  • Whatever you want to talk about!

Will my therapist tell my parent(s) what I talk about in therapy?

  • No. Your therapist will only talk with your parents if you are in danger. Your therapist will discuss the rules about this during your intake session. In therapy, you really do have a private place to discuss whatever is on your mind.

What does in Luck Counseling, LLC want you to know about therapy?

  • It’s really not bad!
  • Therapy can be fun. You will not be forced to talk about things you don’t want to talk about. 
  • You can be in charge of what is discussed in therapy.
  • Your therapist can help you to work better with your parents (if this is one of your goals).
  • Sometimes having a trusted adult work with you and your parents can help you improve your relationship with your parents.